Do I need to know your price and why

Know your price – it means to know and understand yourself. Clearly understand where you are aiming. This is what allows a person to avoid mistakes and to avoid rash action not to accept what does not suit you.

It is known that success comes to only those people who know what they want. So, if you want to get something in life, know his own worth is necessary. This is an important psychological setting: first of all, think about what you need and what you want from others.

It is generally believed that the "price" of a man is his achievements and personal qualities, that is they determine the extent to which it can be satisfied. But in reality, everything is arranged so that first you need to create a "price" which then will allow to achieve success. It is the correct view of yourself and enough respect for their goals and desires allows people to get what they want.

How to "raise its price"

Here, as in many other cases, it starts small. Small desires that you allow yourself to realize, lead to the fact that you begin to qualify for more serious things, gradually conquering life. To understand this, imagine a man who is constantly inferior to others even in the little things. He was constantly afraid to upset relatives, did not dare to contradict the boss or argue with colleagues. If he'd manage to find a more prestigious and highly paid job? If I can get rid of unnecessary relations, or to rein in high-handed counterparts?

It is important to understand that the "price" of man entirely depends on himself. No one can decide for you how good you are. But to raise the rent, does not mean that you become selfish and absolutely not going to do anything for others. It just means that you choose when you help them.

It is also important to understand the difference and connection between the words "want" and "need". If you are in your life, guided only by the word "should", then you will not be easy to find a place for the realization of even the small desires. But if you think about what you want and, on this basis, build a list of what you should do, the contradictions between these concepts will not.

You must give yourself the right to do exactly what you want. Thus, it is important to take responsibility and their actions. Embodying some desire in life, you know it will end. Know your price – this does not mean to do everything recklessly, turning a blind eye to important things.