If you decide to repot a jade tree, choose a wide and low pot plants. The fact that the root system at the money tree is shallow, so the pot of such form will be most comfortable for the plants. The diameter of the pot should be approximately equal to the diameter of the crown of jade. If you choose too large a pot, the plant will develop slowly.
Adult plants are usually transplanted once to twice a year. Before you begin transplanting, prepare the soil for the new plants. You can take universal ready mix and add sand in the ratio 1:4. Can also be purchased in a specialty store soil for succulents.
Prepare drainage for the plants. To do this, pour on the bottom of the pot expanded clay medium size layer is not less than 2-3 cm clay pebbles to prevent root rot, as it perfectly absorbs excess moisture when watering.
In the transplant process do not remove the soil from the roots of plants. With the old soil in the pot plant quickly adapts to the new conditions. You can transplant the jade directly with a lump of earth, adding in a new pot universal substrate or special soil for houseplants.
Use caution when transplanting the money tree. The leaves of this plant is very fragile, despite the apparent thickness and strength, so try not to damage the tender plant.
Once you transplant the money tree, put the pot in a shaded place and try at first to avoid excessive watering. Water the jade should only be done when the topsoil is dry, but spray the flower with water from a spray bottle to regularly. The plant is so much faster get used to the new conditions for it.
Once a month fertilize the transplanted plant fertilizers. It is best to choose those fertilizers that are meant specifically for succulents.
The best time to transplant jade is considered to be spring, but you can transplant the plant at other times of the year, just ensure that transplanted the money tree was in favorable conditions. In summer, place the pot in partial shade, and in winter avoid the proximity of jade to the radiators.