Advice 1: How to Polish marble

Despite the natural strength, over time, marble loses its luster, tarnish and is covered by a network of microcracks. Marble needs special care and thorough polishing to preserve its original beauty. Polishing at home is quite difficult and time consuming process.
How to Polish marble
You will need
  • Paraffin, sandpaper of different rooms, grinding wheels, soft cloth, sand, pumice-containing wax means to care for stone.
Major damage (chips, cracks, deep scratches) to fix on its own will not succeed. Materials, accessible to the layman, you can only add luster to the marbleand to remove minor defects. For polishing do not use products that contain any acids: they are destroying the stone structure, eventually leading to fracture. Wax and lacostera means will not damage the stone. Some damaged marbletion surfaces are difficult to remove without abrading.
Rough marble- ing the surface with noticeable changes first polished with coarse abrasives, such as grinding wheels and rails. The circles are attached to a special drill. Fine sand and pumice can also be used for grinding. To the marble glistened and looked perfectly smooth, for polishing use a few rooms of abrasives. To make the stone monolithic type you need to remove a significant layer of material (not less than 3 mm). Small items can be sanded fine sandpaper.
After sanding, helps to eliminate shallow potholes, cracks and scratches, marble must be protected from external impact by using the polishing that will give the marblethe glitter. To do this, use the special tools on a wax-based, they fill the cracks and protect against water, dirt, food dyes and other destructive substances.To carry out the polishing using a mixture of fine ground iron oxide and sulphur; after applying this powder RUB the surface with a piece of leather to Shine. Sprinkle the marble with wax and rubbed it dry with a soft canvas, you will also give it Shine and protect from harmful influences.
Grinding and polishing of marble in the home can lead to significant damage to marble surfaces and costly repairs. With the appearance of deep damage or cracks, contact the professionals. Conducted properly repairing marble surfaces can cause destruction of the stone, which will lead to much greater expense than the cost of professional services.
Useful advice
Marble floor at the entrance door cover with carpet, do not walk on it in shoes.

Many household cleaning products are not suitable to care for marble, use only specifically designed for natural stone tools.

Advice 2 : How to Polish stone

Polishing is the final process of stone processing, in which the surface acquires a mirror finish, reveals the figure, color and structure of the breed. Typically, the stone is polished with special devices and in several stages.
How to Polish stone
Before you Polish the stone, it is necessary to perform a polishing to remove all traces after the cutting of the stone. Grinding can be divided into three operations: roughing (coarse polishing), polishing and lapping - polishing. If you have no machine to process the stones do the grinding on the glass.
To do this, take the glass (thickness 6-10 mm), and pour abrasive powder, moisten it with water and do the grinding in a circular motion. For grinding you can use fine-grained sandpaper. If you are going to grind the stone on the machine, use a circle of cast iron, copper or lead. Make sure that the surface of these circles was flat and smooth.
To make polishing on the lathe, remove the faceplate, then a protective (plastic) body and thoroughly with soap and a brush wash them. The cleaned parts set re to the place, buff fasten, sprinkle the round pinch of the powder, moisten the powder with water and spread it in a circle. As the polishing powders can use aluminum, zinc, chromium oxide, diamond dust. Turn on the motor and Polish the stone. But for polishing stone the machine you can use felt, thick felt or cloth. Make of these materials are circles with a thickness of 10-20 mm and mount them on a cast iron faceplate with shellac, a wax, a mixture of wax with rosin, or pitch, but is sandwiched between the metal and a polished sheet material is rubber. Before polishing felt, felt, cloth circles slightly moisten. During grinding or polishing, stone hold and press down gently, the hand movement should be directed against the rotation of the circle.
If you need to Polish hard stones such as granite, Jasper, and use the circles made of wood alder, aspen, poplar or beech. But make sure that they are rotated at a speed of 200 rpm, since at low speed buffing produces the best quality. The gems of the same type have different polishing ability. Each stone must be individually number and combination of powders, the rotation speed of the drive pressure.
To check the polishing quality of stone, polished finish wipe with a clean cloth, stand near the electric bulb and try it on the surface of the stone to reflect a hair burning lamp. If the reflection is seen, it means the polishing was successful.If you don't have the polishing tools, polishing stone replace varnishing with the use of colorless nail Polish.
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