You will need
  • wax;
  • - Lac;
  • - alcohol-denatured;
  • - varnish;
  • - linseed oil;
  • - turpentine;
  • - sponge or cloth.
Polish only well-dried painted surface. This is usually done with alcohol. However, when applied pyroxylin varnish coating, use the polishing paste and polishing the water. Use this method of processing and fixing of the varnish finish grained wood: maple, yew, mahogany and sycamore.
Perform polishing according to the following scheme: first, apply the varnish with a special swabs thin layers. Repeat this process three times, waiting each time drying the coating. The first portion, apply a thick layer, then sand with a pumice stone or a special powder on its basis until luster is obtained. After drying for 3 days. Then you need to apply a second batch of material, but without the sanding to get smooth Shine. Besides, this part of the polishing must also remove all small imperfections on the wood. Dried it for about 5 days. Apply a third portion in the form of a liquid varnish, which brings the surface to a mirror Shine. After all finally Polish the usual alcohol without varnish.
Can furniture Polish to use not only alcohol, but also oil, wax and shellac. So, for example, linseed oil (natural linseed oil in combination with turpentine especially well suited for processing hard wood, e.g. oak. RUB it need until then, until it cease to absorb. Then you have to leave for a few hours, after which the excess should be removed.
If you want to use the wax to Polish your furniture, then apply it directly on top of the tree. It is best suitable for this purpose beeswax mixed with turpentine to a state of a soft paste. Apply a thick layer and allow to dry. And after buff to a Shine.
In the processing of patent furniture Polish is especially beautiful Shine, however, work with him quite difficult. And remember that surfaces treated with shellac, you need to protect from exposure to sunlight (he cracks) and from contact with alcohol (it dissolves the coating). Polishing of shellac should be applied fast in a circular motion. If it is poorly absorbed, then mix the material with linseed oil. Shellac usually dries during the day. After which the surface should be carefully and moderately wipe with alcohol-denatured alcohol.