When it comes time to change the driving license, the main issue of concern to modern humans – is it necessary to pass the exam in the traffic police. On this account, you can immediately calm down – the replacement of rights does not involve passing any exams.

Even in driving school of the teacher warn future drivers that the card issued upon completion of the training should be kept very carefully, as it is a mandatory document for replacement rights. However, in practice, to obtain a new driver's license and be without this document.

Medical help – one of the most important documents. Without her presence to get a new driver's license impossible. The certificate, which you did, going to driving school, most likely, already overdue, as it has a limited duration.

Today to get a new medical card is quite simple. There are medical organizations that issue it within one hour, while the cost of its almost not different from that which you would do in a conventional clinic.

Now you need to care about paying the registration fee. It's a small amount but without a receipt for her payment of a new license will not be issued.

Don't forget to make copies of medical records and receipts of payment of duty. These documents should be submitted to the traffic police.

The remaining documents include a passport, military ID (if available) and existing driver's license.

To get a new license in any branch of the traffic police. Going to the window, you can apply for a replacement driver's identity and give all the documents. You will check for the presence of unpaid fines, if any, they will need to pay. Then invite the very procedure of obtaining a driver's license.