The address of the traffic police unit responsible for issuing and replacement of driver's license (MOTOTRER of traffic police), and watch him work you can find on the official website of UGIBDD GUVD po g. Moscow. There - download forms of receipt for payment of registration fee.
The data and the amount of duties you will also be informed by the staff MOTOTRER of traffic police or consultants in any branch of Sberbank.
On site UGIBDD GUVD po g. Moscow available for download also the application form for issuing new rights. Gives you paper form and in MOTOTRER traffic police.
Prepare a set of documents. In addition to receipts and available rights, it includes your passport, confirmation of registration by place of stay (if relevant) and proof of passing the driving examination.
Certificate of completion of driver training is not mandatory: if lost or handed over on the rights without attending lectures, feel free to file documents without it.
For paper rights need a picture for the plastic take a picture of you in STSI.
Take the documents during office hours in the division of the traffic police.
If they're all right in due time come to get ready a new driver's license.