For replacement driver's license expired you will need to fill out a standardized form, which will be given to the traffic police at the place of treatment, to present a passport or other identity document, 4 photographs of size 30x40 mm left-hand corner. In addition, you will need a medical certificate may be voluntarily 083/U-89, the expiration date of which is restricted to three years. For services to assist the replacement driver's license provides for the payment of the state fee the amount of which may vary. To know the exact amount on the stand in the traffic police. You will also need to confirm the delivery of practical and theoretical exams, presenting a certificate of training, to introduce old driver's license to replace.

When the change of surname, name or patronymic will also need a marriage certificate, or divorce certificate from the registry of acts of civil status.

If the replacement of driving license is made in connection with its loss, present all of these documents. New rights will give you only 2 months. During this period will be to verify all information. For two months can give you a temporary license that you had the opportunity to drive a vehicle. If you have lost the card you received in the former republics of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics after January 1, 1992, you will have to pass a practical and theoretical exam.

Driver's license must be replaced every 10 years. If during this period you have changed a surname, a name, a patronymic, the changed other data, lost rights, or they come in unfit for use condition, a replacement can be produced immediately.

To replace international law, requires the same documents as when you replace a driving license.