The calculation of selling produce on the basis of average earnings for 12 months. The amount of average earnings include all monies earned during the period. The amount received in social benefits which are not subject to insurance contributions in total earnings for calculation of vacation pay is not included. Calculated amount must be divided by 365 and multiplied by 20.4.
To pay vacation pay need not later than three days before the holiday. If the money be not paid on time, the employee has the right to cancel the holiday and take it at any other time. If you wish to take vacation in this period and late payment person may file a complaint to the labour Inspectorate. At the head of the company will be subject to an administrative fine which can be up to 120 thousand roubles or zavedut criminal case with an outcome of imprisonment or a ban to hold senior positions. Will be obliged to pay holiday pay and interest for each overdue day. Interest will not be less than 1/300 of the CBR refinancing per every day of delay in payments.
With accrued vacation pay must immediately deduct income tax and only the remaining amount to issue to the employee. Tax should be paid in the current reporting period.
If the employee wishes to receive compensation and continue working to pay it only upon application. Compensation for unused vacation in the previous years is calculated from the last year of work, even if wages were lower than at present.