You will need
  • cloth;
  • - embroidery floss;
  • - Hoop;
  • - needle;
  • - a pair of scissors.
For starters, think that you will embroider. Prepare the necessary materials and tools. As the basis, choose cotton, calico or linen, take a small Hoop.
Need letters to draw on paper, find the scheme a suitable monogram in the Internet and transfer the pattern on tracing paper. Protogerou lay the fabric on a flat surface, place on top of carbon paper and a tracing pattern, draw it. Decorate the words with a beautiful vignette, add a few decorative details.
Secure the fabric with a pattern on the Hoop and start to embroider, for example, stitch. For one character, you can use a different technique and colored thread. Types of joints and methods by which you can apply stitches, the lot. Look at the outlines of the letters and use appropriate. For example, seam "back needle" suitable for a wider part of the symbol, while the narrower embossed surface.
It is more difficult to embroider the letters of rounded form, for example "About", "With". Embroider the main part of the letters embossed surface, corner to make smaller stitches. Embroider around letters decorative frame, use a loop or suture chain.
Use a combination of different types of joints. For example, the technique of "back needle" stitch "Rococo" or "stalked". Seam "back needle as follows: insert needle from right to left on the reverse side of the canvas. The thread should be on the left side of the stitch, taking it under the fabric.
Use your work and double-sided surface. The thread does not tighten, then the stitches will be smooth, one-to-one. Note the seam "stitch" - stitches very thick, looks beautiful. Pierce the fabric from the front, aim the needle into the loop, tighten the thread carefully.