Manual – this is important

In stores now you can find sewing machines of various types – hand, foot, electric, and even program management. So before buying be sure to ask the seller instructions. It should be in the language you understand. If you buy a machine with it, also don't forget this important document.

Of course, if you are lucky and you got the antediluvian "singer" or "Podolsk" will likely have to do without documents. But old cars are pretty simple and information as they refuel and how to use them, you can easily find in any old book on sewing. Read the instructions carefully. Pay particular attention to what not to do with the machine in any case.

Learn how to fill the machine

Regardless of what machine you are going to sew, learn to perform several actions. Try to start to fill the upper thread. This is a fairly simple action, just the thread needs to pass through several holes in sequence.

From the coil it goes through the small window on the back of the machine, then passes through the regulator tension of the upper thread, one or two loops, and finally inserted into the needle. The procedure is in the instructions for the machine and break it not, a string of, at best, just breaks in the worst – capricious modern machine may even fail.

The second step that you will have to do is to learn how to refuel the Shuttle. It is inserted into the spool with thread. Regardless of the type of the machine spool in the Shuttle is inserted so that the thread went in a clockwise direction. By the way, modern seamstresses don't have to rewind the thread, you can buy a ready-made bobbin already wound with thread. It is important that the top and bottom threads were of the same quality and same thickness.

Learn to put a needle

Read how to insert the needle. Buy different needles for sewing machines, because for each tissue needs a needle of a certain thickness. In the logs for the needle you will find information about what yarn and what needle is needed for the manufacture of specific products. Adjust the needle strictly according to instructions and remember how you do it. If the needle is wrong, she will take off or tear the fabric and thread.

Before you start sewing

Remember where your car controllers of the yarn tension, and the lever setting the stitch length. Meet other capabilities of your machine. Find out whether it is zigzag, is it possible to buttonhole loop, to do the embroidery, etc. Place the machine the way you want. If it is manual, usually twist the handle with your right hand and the left holding a tissue. When sewing any other fabric hold machine with both hands. Before you start to sew large items, adjust the machine on a small piece of the same fabric.