You will need
  • - the outline;
  • printer;
  • - wax paper;
  • - copy paper;
  • - tracing;
  • - iron
  • - a pen or pencil.
Before you begin, consider whether you need to move the picture. If it is simple and without subtle color transitions, try to embroider it according to the diagram. Divide the pattern on the same squares in both height and width. It is desirable that the beginning of each color coincide with the line. Carry the picture only in the case if you count the stitches on the scheme for some reason does not work.
To transfer the pattern on the fabric in several ways. They are not much different from those you transfer it to the fabric. However, the method of spraying or flashing the outlines of the picture in this case to apply is meaningless. Canvas has a fairly loose structure, so graphite or chalk powder is simply poured through the holes, and the seam curves give the contours. So it is better to use carbon paper or print the pattern directly on the fabric.
For translation through the blueprint first, transfer the pattern on tracing paper. Cut a piece of canvas the size you want. Put the carbon paper ink side of the canvas, and on top of the tracing paper with a pattern. The pattern must be in a position where it will be on the embroidery. Cleave the entire structure with pins or staples to layers in one piece. Fully enclose all the lines of the drawing or only the main. Small parts that are not cross, can not apply.
For printing you will need wax paper. You can buy in stores where goods are sold to offices. Cut a piece of canvas the size of A4. Determine where she's wrong and the front side. Cut a sheet of wax paper of the same size. Attach it to the canvas and align the slices. Glossy paper side in contact with the underside of the canvas. Smooth it all with a warm iron. Need to stroke to until the canvas is saturated with wax. Trim edges, but do not attempt to separate the layers. Lay the resulting "sheet" in the printer without removing it from the sheets of plain paper. Image be imprinted on the canvas. Print out the picture and let it dry. After drying, divide the canvas and paper.