You will need
  • The tassel room 6-10 (preferably protein or speakers);
  • - Mascara;
  • - A glass or mug;
  • - The usual tap water;
  • Paper.
Fill glasses with cold tap water, dip the very edge of the brush into the mascara, then dip a brush in water. Stir until the water in the glass will not turn black from the ink. Now take a sheet of paper and try to apply the resulting solution on paper. The color should be pale, to look smooth, not sharp and cut transitions. If the color saturation you want, proceed to the main process.
Dip the brush into the glass. Then it can be overcome or to be left alone. It all depends on the size of the picture and the brush itself. Subsequent actions it is better to first try on some unnecessary piece of paper. After all, without preliminary practice to draw turns out not all.
Dip a brush to the desired area on the sheet of paper. You get a drop. Press on the brush should not be. Just swipe her across the width of laundered region to stretch its drop. Try not to hold twice in the same place. Try to move a brush quickly and accurately.
If the brush is dry, dip it into a glass and continue to do with the place where you had to stop. In order to remove the excess water in the picture, just squeeze the brush and DAB her with droplets of water. It is possible for this purpose to use a soft sponge or piece of foam.
If you want to make a color darker, just wait until the first layer dry, then apply another. If the color you are still not satisfied, still, apply as many layers as you need. That's all. Now you know how to do a hillshade.