The genre of hyperrealism has a rich history. More painters in the XVI century painted trompe l'oeil directly on walls or doors, such hyperrealistic image was hard to distinguish from real objects.

Necessary tools and materials

To draw in the genre of hyperrealism, you will need construction paper, pencils of different hardness (you can use colored pencils, tissues, eraser, ruler, gel black pen, and shading. All this you can buy in special stores for artists or regular stationery shops. You will also need to print any photo in black and white.

Hyperrealism: tech

There are special techniques that help to achieve such impressive effect. To begin, prepare the photo. It is necessary to be applied using a pencil and ruler a grid of squares to arbitrary value.

In the same way raschertite sheet of paper. Work light touches, because later have to erase all the lines. Next, manually copy all the shapes you see in the cells of the image.

Gradually move from one cell to another. So you will gradually create a sketch of the future drawing in the genre of hyperrealism. When you're done, erase all the construction lines, then start working through the forms.

Start painting with the darkest elements of the image. Take a break from focus to draw exactly what is on the photograph. Our brain sometimes can generalize the pattern. Just repeat all the shapes and lines that you see. Use feather to soften lines and smooth transition between tones.

Work on proportions. For example, the face or figure are constructed according to certain principles. Make sure the pattern looks harmonious and beautiful. If the photo has the hair, then draw them separate curls with a study of shadow and glare. When you create a Hyper realistic drawing, it is desirable to use gel pens.

Next you should draw shadows. Do this very carefully, work slowly. If something failed to portray the first time, wipe it off and on again. That is the shadows make the picture realistic. So take this stage more attention. The darkest places you can emphasize a special carbon pencil.

Grab the eraser and highlight displayed places. The eraser is an important tool for editing and creating flare. Do everything gradually. On completion of work all blend clear lines. Your figure in the genre of hyperrealism is ready!