Good people, in order to simplify the difficulties of the consumer, came up with matte varnish. Just paint the surface with paint that you have, and once dry, apply matte varnish.
For lack of anything better, you can use the old-fashioned way. In the paint, which you have, you can add matting additive.
These include: chalk, dolomite, rice flour, baby powder, tooth powder. Mixed with these paint additives, paint definitely need to filter.
Also remember that tooth powder or baby powder should be added in an amount of not more than 10% of the volume, and also that these additives lighten the paint.
There is another easy way to transform colors in matte. We must understand that the glossy paint is different from the number of matte to the glossy base. With a long standing this pigment settles to the bottom of the tank. Matte Foundation stays on top. Discard that basis and get the matte paint.Here are a few simple ways will help you to give your surface leaving a matte finish. Wish you success in your endeavors!