Choose a tool from known firms - Suzuki (Japan), Hohner (Germany), Seydel (Germany). It is the largest manufacturers of harmonicas, which produce not only the bunching of the highest class, but also good tools for beginners. Already at 800-1000 rubles, you can buy the tool, which will be nice and comfortable to play for a beginner. Cheaper bunching unknown Chinese manufacturers - just pieces of plastic, not musical instruments.
Decide on the type of harmonica. Despite the fact that varieties of harmonics a lot, most of them used only by professional musicians who play in orchestras. For the fan of choice is significantly narrowed: it is only necessary to decide what, diatonic or chromatic harmonica you need.
The most common option - a 10-hole diatonic harmonica, it has only the pure notes, that is missing the undertones, but they can play, if you master the special techniques of the game. The diatonic harmonica is the best choice for a beginner, it is ideal for the Blues. The chromatic harmonica can play all the notes of the scale without the use of special techniques on a harmonica you can play classical works.
The reeds of a harmonica can be made of copper or steel. The copper tabs are the most common, they give great sound, but often break down, especially beginners who can be overzealous in blowing sounds. Harmonica with stainless steel reeds offers firm Seydel, their break is almost impossible.
Diatonic harmonicas have a different tone. A beginner should stay on the tool in the "C major", as it is for harmonics of this key is most of tutorials, training videos also typically written with the use of such bunching.
Be sure to check a harmonica in the store, all holes should be well purged, and inhale, and on exhale, the sound should be clean, without ringing and noise.