Spruce, like all conifers should be transplanted maintaining quite a large lump of earth around the roots. Prevent denudation and desiccation of the roots, even for a short time.
If you buy a spruce, note on the root system, the roots should not be trimmed too short. For example, for spruce with a height of 2m is necessary to keep the roots with a length of about 80 cm.
In Central Russia planting a fir tree at the end of April–early may or late August–early September. Select for planting a cloudy day or a time after rain.
If you put more large wood, more than two meters, it is best to plant it in the winter with frozen clod of earth. All ate hardy, and planting fir trees in winter allows you to better preserve the root system of the tree during transport. The temperature should be below -15 degrees.
When choosing a place for planting, be aware that subsequently, next to the El are unlikely to be able to grow anything but Heather. First, conifers do not tolerate neighbours, and secondly, the shadow of the broad branches were not allowed to grow other crops.
Dig a hole 10 to 20 cm deeper than the height of the clod of earth around the roots. If the soil is characteristic of the excess moisture, loosened the bottom of the pit lay the drainage, broken bricks.
Fall asleep fit with a mixture of earth and peat, gradually tamping. After that pour very abundant and the first two to three weeks follow a constant humidity of the soil.
Fertilize spruce mineral fertilizers in April-may, prior to the growth.
If you want to grow a tree from seed, buy a special ground for conifers or make your own from the ratio of 2 parts humus, 1 part sand. Under the soil should be drainage layer. Plant the seed no deeper than 1 cm, watered by the pallet.