You will need
  • seeds, seedlings or cuttings;
  • - a box of sand;
  • - greenhouse or film;
  • - means for plant growth;
  • - peat;
  • - the soil of forests (coniferous trees)
If you have collected the cones near the blue spruce and now want to grow a tree from seed then it can be done in two ways. The first way is in autumn or in spring sow seeds in a box of sand. When the seeds sprout, when you swordplay, you can choose plants with blue needles and plant them in fertile ground. Threat of dry limestone soil with small.Eltion layer. The second way is in the spring, when the sun heats the ground, put the seeds in water for 12 hours and then place them immediately in the garden.
In the summer you can take the stalk from the middle of the tree and its upper part, but not the very top. Take shoots with lateral branches, keeping a small layer of old wood that protects the stalk from rotting. Also in the lower part of the stalk is left of the needles. To improve the rooting process is cutting substances for growth (IAA, kornevin, etc.) and put in a mixture of peat and sand in proportion 1:3 – progress: at first, thefirbut in a greenhouse or under the film. "Water young trees frequently, but not abundantly. On hot days it is necessary to simultaneously carry out the ventilation and watering.
Can immediately purchase seedlings (main plus – it is clear the color of the needles). First, they should be planted in a greenhouse or a greenhouse, creating more humidity. The effect is achieved through the water containers or the special mist installation.
Young trees should be planted in loose, well permeable to water and air the soil with a thick layer of drainage. Avoid water stagnation – Christmas trees can turn yellow. NspruceGia to use areas under potatoes, corn and other crops prone to fungal diseases such as blue spruce is very sensitivespruceon the fungi and infected them quickly through the soil. When planting zhelatsprucebut mix with existing soil "wild" - taken in the forest under evergreen trees - the ground.