You will need
  • The seeds of spruce
  • Glass jar
  • Refrigerator
  • Pot
  • The soil for planting and compost
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Sand
  • Water and ice
Go to the nearest forest, where there are planting trees. Consult with growers and buy healthy eating cutting. If this is not themselves go into the woods for pine cones in mid-November. It is believed that the best planting material for the oil is cones that fell on the new-fallen snow. You can take them with the mother tree in February.
Dry the cones and seeds probate lionfish. Now they need to be put into a sterile vessel and stored in the refrigerator at the optimal temperature of 15 degrees. For sowing of spruce seeds will begin in late may.
Soak seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate (1% strength) and soak the day. Some gardeners keep planting material of coniferous trees for 2 days in ice water (until they swell), and then in the wet sand.
Prepare the soil and large pot for the Christmas tree. It is recommended to use loose Sandstone, or clay loam. The land mix with other previously excavated in the woods (healthy tree). Add humus. Now shallowly planted seeds, sprinkling a 1.5-cm layer of the soil. To end all wars, you need to plant a lot of seeds.
Take the pot of the future tree in your garden and pricopie it there. Not in the house until spring (when the seeds will sprout), or wait a year - sometimes they just don't "Wake up". If you do not own a plot of land to plant the tree in a pot on the loggia. Your task is to ensure that the soil is not frozen.