Find all the information available for the product. Do not limit yourself to specialized journals on your profile. Most likely, they contain information about the firm-producer, the story of the creation of the product, etc. For many buyers, this information is secondary. They are much more interesting to hear a story about a specific person. They want to know how to improve their life after you have done the purchase. The sensations to pass easier, so it is better if you will begin to use the product. If this is not possible, look online reviews about it, ask your more experienced colleagues.
Learn to present your product. First, speak about it emotionally (but do not overdo it with enthusiasm, otherwise you will be a fanatic). Secondly, avoid negative words. For example, do not talk about the toilet water: "It's just a terrible flavor." It is better to replace the word "killer" to something more positive (stunning, amazing, unbelievable, etc.)
Get rid of words-parasites ("type", "this", etc.) and interjections ("um", "mmm"). Clear confident it inspires confidence.
Find the unique features of your product. Always make them focus.
Use the technique of "restriction". People are almost always interested in things to which access is restricted. If you say that "this product will soon run out", it will cause a surge of curiosity. This technique works with both individuals wishing to obtain extraordinary goods, and with "mods" who all follow the General trends. First must understand what they gain exclusive; the second is the need to explain that all reasonable people this product already bought.