In its essence, a Hickey is a type of hematoma. Therefore, to get rid of it you need to act the same as removing a bruise. Accordingly, the time it will take about the same. So the first two days the Hickey should be carefully treated and carefully toned bronzer or a Foundation.

The method of "deliverance" from Hickey:

  1. Need the pharmacy to buy "pain" and mix it with any cream (preferably children's). Resulting mixture to RUB the place a Hickey 4 – 5 times a day, holding it on the skin for 30 – 40 minutes. Three days later, the Hickey will be.

  2. To get rid of a Hickey can also be bought in a drugstore a special cream against bruises: Caffeine, "Bruise-off". The effect is almost the same. Ointment such (as the pain) have the ability to disperse the blood, causing a burst and blood circulation, thus, fine particles of solidified blood from the hemorrhage quickly getting carried away by the blood, this is the basis of resolving action of such ointments. You can also use ointment Lioton gel. It should be applied to the location of the Hickey, allow it to dry (forms a film), rinse with warm water and smear again.

On the same principle are the simple folk methods:

  • to remove a Hickey, you need to RUB it with a piece of onion or a clove of garlic. This might sting, but will help good;

  • if the Hickey is still fresh, then you need to RUB its white toothpaste. Be sure to RUB it very well;

  • can be infused aloe (chopped leaves) in vodka, and apply as a compress for bruises;

  • clean fresh potatoes and cut into two parts. One half apply to the Hickey for 15 – 20 minutes, with a little massaging the skin;

  • if the Hickey is fresh, then remove it by using ordinary baking soda. It is necessary to make a very thick solution by mixing soda with water (the consistency should be thicker than sour cream). Attach the resulting mass to the location of the Hickey.

  • you can also make iodine mesh on the spot of the Hickey.

Also, in addition to folk and medication from Hickey to get rid of in the following way:

  • visit the Solarium, under the action of UV rays and place the suction equal to the color of the other skin.

  • to cover place a Hickey corrective pencil, and on top of the usual voice-frequency cream (but the cream try to apply a little bit on the skin around the Hickey, it was not visible edges).