Chill two spoons in the freezer and use them to get rid of bags under the eyes. Take 2 tablespoons, put it in the freezer overnight. In the morning, spend a convex side of the spoon from inner eye corners toward the outer corners. This will relieve the swelling and get rid of bags under the eyes.
Use the spoon to create the perfect arrow. Take a spoon and swipe a straight line on the outer corner of the eye. Then turn the spoon and circle round part of the spoon. Complete your look with eyeliner.
Keep the spoon, when I paint the lower lashes, to avoid traces of mascara under her eyes. The spoon will help to avoid traces of mascara under the lower lashes and over the top, just rotate it.
It is possible to lift the lashes at the edge of the spoon. If you don't have to hand tongs for eyelashes, you can use metal spoon. Place it with the convex side inside for the upper eyelashes. Your finger gently push, several times, move your finger along the edge of the spoon on the eyelashes.
The spoon will help to highlight the perfect curve of the eyebrows. Table spoon has the perfect shape for eyebrows. Place it on your brow, trace the upper outline with a pencil, repeat the same with the bottom contour.
Spoon will be useful in the mixing of pigments with a lip balm. Take your favorite eye shadow, mix with a small amount of lip balm or vaseline in a spoon. Use a brush or finger for application of the mixture of a certain color on the lips.
To accentuate the cheekbones easier with the help of a spoon. If you have not clearly expressed cheekbones, place the spoon over a convex portion of the cheek. With a brush apply the powder on the skin.
Use the spoon as a palette for nail art. Mix in a spoon a few drops of nail Polish of different colors to create the marble effect (for example, using hair invisible). Tilting the spoon put the nail in the nail, a cotton swab, remove the excess.
It is possible to prevent accidental staining lacquer fingertips with the help of a spoon. Take a plastic spoon, put under the nail. Hold the spoon while I paint my nails. The excess paint will stay on the spoon.

The cold spoon will reduce the size of the bruise or Hickey on my neck. Put a spoon in the freezer. As soon as it has cooled down, apply it with the convex side on a bruise or a Hickey to slow the blood flow and help it disappear faster.
Place the spoon with the convex side on the pimple to quickly get rid of it. To help the pimple heal faster, dip the spoon in a Cup of hot (but not boiling) water. As soon as the spoon warms up, attach it to the back side to the pimple. Hold it there until the spoon cools off.