How to remove a Hickey with improvised means

To quickly remove a Hickey, you can use ice or something cold. Delivered passionately – no need to waste time. The ice from the freezer, wrapped in plastic, is applied to the redness. A bruise, which then will not be bright and will quickly disappear.

A paste of baking soda and water, imposed in the first minute to place a Hickey, to avoid bruise. Limited to redness, which quickly disappears.

Fresh juice of onion can be quickly removed by suction. For this you need an onion cut in half and fresh cut grate place a passionate kiss. After some time to refresh slice and again edit the location of the Hickey. This can be repeated several times, if only more fresh onion juice fell on the damaged area. A slight tingling sensation in the morning will have to wait.

Cut a piece of raw beef is considered a good tool for sucking a Hickey. You need to put in place a kiss of fresh cut meat and leave for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure every hour.

Just put a Hickey can be quickly removed if you RUB vinegar on the damaged area. Fresher than a Hickey, the more likely its complete disappearance.

How to remove a Hickey with medication

There are medicines that can quickly remove a Hickey. It is different salves, incorporating heparin, and creams with vitamin K. After their use, blood vessels constrict, and the redness reduced. With caution and strictly according to instructions you can use the "real stuff" because it can cause burns on the skin.

It is known that iodine activates blood circulation. Therefore, iodine mesh on the spot of the Hickey accelerates its absorption. In order to avoid burn is not necessary to draw cells on the areas with thin skin, e.g. the neck.

To remove a Hickey using the compress and massage

To quickly remove a Hickey, it is recommended to RUB the affected place with your fingers or a soft toothbrush, wrapped with nylon. This massage should be done very carefully, with gentle movements, without any effort that does not start the reverse process – an increase in the hematoma.

Within half an hour of alternating hot and cold compress. This temperature contrast is effective immediately after the redness. During the day several times to do this procedure.

Other ways to remove a Hickey

The easiest way is to spread the Hickey with toothpaste and allow to completely dry. The result is a dried paste will fall off, the remnants should be gently washed with water. Ingredients toothpaste accelerate the healing process of bruises.

To quickly remove a Hickey will help lotions with the extract of aloe. This will require a alcohol and fresh leaves of the plant. The main thing here is the methodology and perseverance in wanting to get rid of traces of love.

Do not forget about cosmetics. To disguise the Hickey, you can use Foundation or lipstick. The man could just stick his fingers in place a passionate kiss and to write off all on bad shave. The collars stand-up or turtleneck will help to cover the neck from prying eyes.