You will need
  • - Chamomile;
  • - Wild rose;
  • - Mint;
  • - Vitamin complexes;
  • - Mineral supplements;
  • - Med;
  • - Lemon;
  • - Ginger.
Try to stick with the diet. Eat small portions but often. All meals included in the diet of pregnant women should not be hot. Use the menu only natural products. It is desirable to eliminate from the diet of chocolate, smoked meats, fizzy drinks. Prefer healthy food that does not contain preservatives and dyes.
Morning sickness will go away if during the day to consume the necessary volume of liquid. Daily drink at least 1.5 liters of water without gas. Prepare herbal teas using components such as chamomile, mint, rose, ginger. For taste, you can add in tea a slice of lemon and natural honey. Herb need, like regular tea. 10-15 grams of vegetable raw materials pour boiling water over and steep for several minutes.
Nausea during pregnancy often occurs as a result of lack of necessary for the mother's body and fetus vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is imperative to take vitamin and mineral supplements that contain folic acid and vitamins C, b, E. you need to Take only those supplements that the doctor advises.
Another method how to get rid of toxicity, lead an active lifestyle and stick to an organized regimen. Often need to take fresh walks, choosing a Park area. You should spend less time in a stuffy room. In the morning take a contrast shower. Attend yoga classes or fitness, designed for pregnant women.
To reduce the urge to vomit will help and minor tweaks. If nausea is present in the morning, do not hurry to leave the bed. A few minutes lie down, and eat crackers or biscuits, left in the evening on the bedside table. Try to avoid unrest. On the recommendation of the doctor use essential oils to calm the nervous system. If nausea still occurred, try to chew the dried fruit.