It is considered that the left half of the brain is responsible for the operation of logic circuits. Language skills, mathematics, analysis and isolation of parts of the whole, consideration of time is the prerogative of the left hemisphere.
Having dealt with the assignment of the left hemisphere, scientists have long lost in conjectures: what's got the right hemisphere is responsible for it? The answer was not found immediately. Experiments have shown that the right hemisphere is in charge of the holistic perception of reality, visual-figurative thinking, perception of music, artistic images, etc, we can say intuitively the unit of our brain "computer."
Develop skills for which responsible right hemisphere of the brain, can and should be. This fosters a holistic view of reality, strengthens the intuitive understanding of the world develops creative imagination.
Speaking in very General terms, the strengthening of right-brain divisions of the brain happens when we listen to music, indulge in dreams, meditating in solitude, engaged in drawing, any other types of creative activities associated with the operation of integral images.
The natural course of development the right side of the brain includes active participation in those social activities that involve functions characteristic of this mental block. Writing poetry, literary creativity, even in such simple forms as keeping a personal journal, blog; singing, dance club, learning to draw is all kinds of right for such activities not listed.
There are also special techniques of stimulation of intuitive unit of the brain. They are based on the idea of a person's ability to managed imagination. For this purpose, the privacy, calm, relaxation music, absence of distracting noise.
Plunging into relaxed state, you can mind to paint pictures that reflect your positive intention or the condition which you expect to achieve. A session of this kind can last from several minutes to an hour. The result becomes the revitalization of the work of the right hemisphere of the brain, up to receiving intuitive answers to some questions relating to seemingly intractable situations.
Be patient, tune in a creative way, believe in their abilities, and the result will not keep itself waiting.