Human memory can be compared to the muscles. If the muscles don't strengthen training, they will weaken. So with memory, if you don't train her every day, you can become distracted and disorganized. A good memory helps a person to achieve success in any sphere of activity.
Ways of development of memory is very simple, they can be enjoyed every day, at the same time, not putting a lot of effort. It's reading books, solving crosswords, watching movies, learning poems by heart.

Reading books

To the development of superpamjat was an enjoyable experience, read those books that interest you. No matter classic it's works, fantasy or detectives.

No need to hurry. In the process of reading in detail imagine the events in the book. After finish reading, retell the plot of the book to friends or relatives. Let them ask you questions about the world of the book and its characters.

Reading books develops abstract, associative and logical thinking. Of the people who read a wider world view and a keen mind.

The daily Telegraph crossword

In the process of finding answers to the questions you develop your memory and increase vocabulary. Crosswords trained intelligence, associativity, and logic. Crosswords is convenient to carry the bag and get when there's extra time.


After watching the movie, close your eyes and try to reproduce it the plot or any individual you part. With friends quote catch phrases from movies, copy the manner of speaking of the actors, their facial expressions. This simple exercise will involve emotional and visual memory, and besides you can have fun.

Information that is of emotional value, is better remembered.


You need every day to teach at least two quatrains of the great poem or poems. And in a week or a month you will be able to read from memory the work as a whole.

Learning poems is one of the most popular ways of development of memory.

Which hurts memory

Alcohol, Smoking, drugs – all these bad habits contribute to the destruction of brain cells and adversely affect memory. And that's not to mention the other terrible health effects. Bad habits and a good memory are incompatible.

Which will help the development of superpamjat

What you eat can affect the development of memory. Include in your daily diet walnuts, fish, seaweed, honey. Often walk in the fresh air and exercise.

Superplate can be developed only if you put daily effort.