First of all, remember that the physical development of any part of the body has a feedback with the development of the hemisphere. Thus, the more you develop the right side of the body, whether it is a power load or the load on the endurance, the left hemisphere develops faster.
Use logical problems. To develop logical thinking required to study logic algorithms, which will go your thoughts. Solve logic puzzles and constantly practice logical thinking in order to develop it.
Math. Math - science, the study of which is impossible without a developed left hemisphere so the more you solve complex problems, the faster is your left hemisphere.
Crossword puzzles. When crossword puzzles often we do not act intuitively and analytically, therefore, the left hemisphere is involved to a greater extent than the right.
In case you are left - handed, try as many things as possible to do it with the right hand. Learn to write and do as much as possible, using the right side of the body.