Test for allergies you can go to any medical center or lab that have the necessary equipment. Old proven medical method - skin test. You can choose over a dozen times allergens, which would be checked (for example, the most common: chocolate, milk, oranges, pollen, dust and so on). Your skin shoulders or back specialist will drip a solution of those allergens that you were selected for verification. Then make a shallow scratch below the causative agents of Allergy infiltrated subcutaneously. It remains to wait: if space cuts blister or inflamed, so allergic to any agents you have. By the way, sometimes the reaction of the subcutaneous sample is slow, and allergies manifests itself only in the next day or even later.
Another version of the test on Allergy - IgE blood test (immunoglobulin E). This is the normal blood sample, which is then in the laboratory, experts test a variety of allergens. Wait for the results of this analysis will have a week. However, it is considered more modern than the subcutaneous test, besides it can be done even babies.
In the home of allergo-test should be interpreted with caution. Typically, the test is done on the wrist or the crook of the elbow: spend at these places with a cotton pad with makeup or hair dye. Monitor skin reaction during the day. If you suspect yourself or your child allergic to any food product, excludes from meals first the most common allergens: citrus fruits, chicken eggs, cow's milk, chocolate, red fruits and berries. Next, look at the reaction of the body.