Do not self-medicate, and it is better to consult a competent professional. To determine the root cause of this disease will help of modern technology and numerous studies. The results are clear and correct.
Before you seek help to the doctor, remember when the first symptoms. Are there periods of exacerbation of the disease in certain situations if your family allergies? Give the technician the most accurate and complete information with regards to the disease and answer truthfully to all questions. After this pass all prescribed tests.
Eliminate prospective allergens from your environment. If a food Allergy please reconsider your menu and avoid foods that cause a negative reaction. If the disease is provoked by household chemicals or some cosmetics, replace them with others from other substances in the composition. If you are allergic to dust buy a vacuum cleaner and often do the cleaning, remove all the things, which accumulates a lot of dust (especially carpets, soft toys). Someone may have to abandon Pets or houseplants. With the gradual exclusion of all these factors, you will be able to knowwhat is causing the Allergy.
Submit to a blood test from a vein on antibodies. This is the most common method of diagnosis of allergies.
The study of the skin is also exponential in the survey. Proceed through the peak of testing in which you have a small injection (1 mm under the skin). You will be injected with a little bit of the alleged substance that causes the Allergy. Don't worry about the safety of such samples. They are absolutely harmless due to minimal doses of substances that checks for allergies. Such samples do.
Try to diagnose allergies by using various laboratory methods. Some of them carried out only in a hospital under strict medical supervision. After receiving the results of all examinations you will get a precise diagnosis. This personal survey, and consideration of the reaction of the patient to treatment.