You will need
  • Two pans/bowls of different sizes
Pour into a vessel of a larger size certain amount of water. Lower back pan of a smaller size, which will place the desired product (chocolate, infusion of herbs, cream, etc.). The water in the lower vessel is to boil the product in a pan of smaller size is not heated to the boiling point. In addition, the water bath technique allows a more evenly heat the product. Best of all, if the top tube will be your handles to lean on the walls of the bottom, so the bottom of both vessels will not come into contact.
A water bath is sometimes used in cooking, for example, to melt the chocolate you need that way. On a water bath sometimes prepare cheesecake to the center is not cracked. Often the herb is required for a water bath. This method is also used for homework, as the sterilized jars with jam or marinade nothing like a water bath. On a water bath, convenient to cook porridge - then it will not burn and not "run away". also use this method for heating baby food and infant formula.
If you are engaged in soap making, also use a water bath to heat the soap base with different additions.
Do not confuse a water bath with steam cooking. for example, more dietary meatballs are meatballs, steamed. In this case, the upper vessel should have holes on the bottom, for example, it can be a colander. However, he should not touch the water in the lower vessel, and heating is due to the boiling hot steam in the lower vessel of water.
There are also laboratory water baths, they include microprocessor control and is intended for use in chemical and medical laboratories.