Advice 1: How to cook cocktail with condensed milk

Probably almost everyone has heard about the alcoholic drink called "Bailey". Many people really like this liqueur, because he's so sweet and delicious. Afflicts only one - the price of liquor is quite high. Well, there is the opportunity to prepare homemade cocktail based on milk that taste very similar to "Baileys". I am glad also that the strength is you can adjust yourself depending on the mood.
How to cook cocktail with condensed milk?
Real Irish "Bailey" is based on a combination of cream, whiskey and alcohol. In its pure form like it is in most cases only the hard core sweet tooth. Many people prefer it than any Supplement. For example, having a home, "Bailey", you can always surprise your guests with such an unusual cocktail, as a "Ball No. 8". This low-alcohol cocktail that looks more like a dessert than a drink. The secret of its preparation is simple: pour into a wine glass about 30 milliliters of analogue liquor and top off with a scoop of ice cream weighing about 30 grams. Believe me, this unusual combination of sweet alcohol and cool ice cream will not leave anyone indifferent. Can only figure out how to still cook analog "of Baileys" on the basis of condensed milk, because it is possible to prepare not only homemade cocktails, but soak the biscuits, add it to coffee and desserts.

Classical homemade "Bailey's"

That's the basic recipe, on its basis it is possible to invent many variations by experimenting with various elements and additives. Get creative and create a recipe for this cocktail is based on condensed milk that suits you. Of course, vodka is not the best ingredient for this cocktail. If you have the opportunity, use of whiskey and alcohol. However, there is one condition - do not overdo it with the alcohol, otherwise your guests and you may be surprised at the effect that would have a cocktail. Later you can replace the whiskey, for example, cognac. This experiment will give the cocktail a new flavor of paint.
For making homemade "of Baileys" you will need:
- 0.5 liters of vodka;
- 1 Bank of condensed milk;
- 300 ml cream;
-15 g of vanilla sugar.
Before you start making the cocktail in its classic variation, do not forget to properly cool the cream. After that, they need to mix with vanilla sugar and beat for five to ten minutes. Now came the turn of the condensed milk. After adding it to the cream, the mixture should again beat well. To the resulting homogeneous mass, add the appropriate amount of vodka, once again mix everything carefully and leave to infuse. Remember that it takes at least half an hour until, as you put homemade "Bailey's" in the fridge. Once the cocktail is well chilled, you can proceed to the most pleasant stage of the tasting.

Chocolate "Bailey"

In order to prepare the chocolate "Baileys" you will need:
- 0.5 liters of vodka;
- 1 Bank of condensed milk;
- 100 g dark chocolate;
- 15 g of vanilla sugar;
- 300 g of cream.
Melt the dark chocolate, heating it in a water bath. Whip the cream together with the vanilla sugar, with this process for at least five minutes, then gradually add the chocolate, continuing to gently whisk the mixture, gradually pour in the condensed milk and again mix thoroughly. Of course, well, if you have a blender or food processor, the effect of hand-whipping you might be disappointed. After the mixture - the basis is ready, you can add the vodka again to achieve homogeneity and leave to infuse. Don't forget to chill the cocktail and due to this he gains a particular density. This home version of the liqueur is particularly well suited for the impregnation of biscuits.

Coffee and mint "Bailey"

Based on the classic recipe you can prepare coffee "Baileys". The process of making this variation of the cocktail is similar, however, in addition to the drink you need to add 15 grams of instant coffee. Remember that coffee should be of good quality, otherwise it may affect the taste of your cocktail.
There is another very interesting option of cooking "of Baileys" - with the addition of mint. Based on the recipe of the chocolate "of Baileys", but, in addition to the standard set of ingredients you need to prepare about 10 grams of fresh mint. During that time, how will you melt the chocolate in a water bath, add the mint leaves, so she could give the chocolate all its taste and aroma. Before you add the chocolate while you prepare the cocktail, don't forget to catch all of the mint leaves.

Advice 2 : How to make a cocktail "Margarita"

The most brilliant things deceptively simple. Take, for example, the cocktail Margarita. I can't believe that in Mexico, where abundant pouring tequila, lime increases, there is no shortage of salt and liquor, a hundred years, the delayed creation of this drink. Because between the creation of the first Triple Sec liqueur and the earliest, according to one legend, the term the invention of the cocktail was, nearly, a century. No matter how late great Margarita with the advent of the light, over the years she more than made up for lost time. Light refreshing alcoholic cocktail has become one of the most popular in the world.
How to make a cocktail "Margarita"
You will need
    • The Margarita cocktail recipe
    • approved by the International bartenders Association (IBA).
    • 35 ml tequila
    • 20 ml liqueur Triple Sec or Cointreu
    • 15 ml lime juice
    • salt
    • ice
    • shaker
According to the International Bartenders Association in order to make the perfect Margarita, you need to take the classic champagne glass, wipe the edges with slice of lime, then dip them in a saucer with salt.
In a shaker, mix seven parts tequila, four parts of liquor, three parts fresh lime juice and shake well.
Carefully, trying not to damage salt the rim, pour the cocktail into a glass, garnish with slice of lime and serve.
There are several variations of this cocktail. What ingredients you can substitute in Margarita so that she remained a Margarita? In the first place is the liquor. Even strict IBA are unable to say exactly which of the two French orange liqueurs you need to prepare this cocktail. But this Association usually does not allow such liberties. In principle, in this case, they can understand the difference in taste between Cointreu and Triple Sec to catch non-specialist difficult. Both liqueur made from the finest oranges, and will fully convey the essence of these fruits. Only now, Cointreau is made from fresh oranges and almost colorless, and Triple Sec is made from dried crusts and has a bright Golden hue. Accordingly, the Margarita with Cointreau smoky, due to the tequila and lime, and Triple Sec are bright orange. There is another liqueur to taste, an exact copy of the previous two Mexican Controy. Although he is not listed among the recommended, but if you use it, notice the difference in only a professional.
Royal Margarita can do two great twin liqueur – Grand Marnier French and Italian Grand Gala. Both beverages are made on the basis of aged cognac ( French blend of true cognacs) and oranges. Italian liqueur oranges from Sunny Sicily, French orange essence.
Blue Margarita it's the same cocktail, but with the bright blue liqueur, Curacao. Curacao, despite its intense sky blue, and orange liqueur. It is made from the dried peel of a special type of oranges, growing only on the island of Curacao, alcohol and artificial colors.
In order that Margarita was Strawberry only need to add a puree of fresh or frozen strawberries. Pureed berries by volume should be the same as tequila. To leave the recipe or clean lime juice, everyone decides for himself.
Another conversion of the popular cocktail – Frozen Margarita. Take some ice and replace the shaker to the blender. It's simple.
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