You will need
    • The siphon and the balloon with carbon dioxide
    • Cooler with function of aerating the water
    • Syrup or lemon juice
    • Any fruits and berries juice or dogrose infusion
    • A little soda
    • citric acid and sugar
    • Dry ice and ice cubes simple
Aerate the water using good old siphon. The water in it becomes pop when under pressure from a special tank is pumped carbon dioxide. In older devices, this process takes 20-30 minutes. If the siphon is stored since Soviet times, will buy in a gun store a gas canister. Consult the dealer: typically, these cylinders are suitable to the Soviet machines for sodas.
Buy modern siphon. Devices easier aerate the water for about 20 min. Apparatus for aerating water have different degree of aeration, sometimes a whole set of syrups. Here you have a mini-machine "Gazvoda": it is inserted into a water bottle, choosing the right taste and hit the button. Delicious homemade root beer ready! However, it is expensive. Siphons are an average of 3.5-4 thousand roubles (prices of 2011), more sophisticated – about 13-15 thousand
Install kitchen water dispenser with function of aerating. With the help of the water from under the crane quickly turns into a clean soda. But such a miracle will pull 30-40 thousand. At the same time, this device will purify the water, it will warm, or cool. Usually the gas cylinder from the kit missing a very long time.
Make carbonated water with any siphon and fill it with syrup. You can take jam or sweetened fruit juice. A simple lemonade recipe: dissolve 50 g of lemon juice a tablespoon of sugar (per 0.5 liters of water). Pour the syrup in the pop and put a piece of ice. Cool drinks in the fridge. Experiment! For example, make a pop infusion of rose hips: get lush foam (as beer) and the original taste.
Prepare the simple and cheap soda. Mix in a Cup of water and 2.5 g of baking soda and citric acid, add 5 g of sugar and a little syrup. Instead of acid, sugar and soda can be mixed into 200 g of a mixture of lemon juice and water (1:2). As soon as the lye will react with the acid will appear the first bubbles of gas, throw a glass of ice and immediately drink the lemonade.
Use dry ice for carbonation of water. It's a pretty exotic way of making homemade pop, because to get this product is not easy. If you have purchased some dry ice, put it in the fridge - it needs special storage conditions. Start aerating the water. Fill a quart jar with water with syrup and throw a small cube of dry ice. In any case, do not touch it with your hands so as not to get injured because of too low temperature.