You will need
    • Take chocolate preferably dark varieties with a high content of cocoa butter
    • Two containers of different sizes for water bath
    • Wooden paddle
Take two containers of different diameters. And that more needs to be metal, because it must be heated on the stove. Can take two pans of different diameters, as shown in the photo.
A simple water bath
Better if the second tank will be of stainless steel, but you can use glass baking dishes. Walls should not be very high, otherwise you will be very inconvenient to melt the chocolate. In a bigger tank pour some water and put on the stove to heat up. The smaller capacity inside should be completely dry.
How to melt chocolate in a water bath
Smash the chocolate and put it on the bottom of the tank. Put it in another, where the water is already hot, but not boil. The water should not reach the walls of the container with the chocolate, otherwise it can get inside. Water optional bring to a boil. Sometimes it is enough to maintain the temperature of the water is about 70-80 ° C.
Melting chocolate in a water bath, constantly stir it. It will help him evenly melted. For better stirring use a wooden spatula.
The temperature of the melted chocolate should not exceed 40-45 ° C, otherwise during subsequent solidification it can be formed a white film.
How to melt chocolate in a water bath