You will need
  • two pans of different sizes.
If you are ever in sterilized jars for future pickles, then you already have an idea of the water bath. The essence of Bani is to use two vessels of different sizes. More filled with water brought to a boil, and it lowered the second vessel.
Select the bigger pot, cover with water and put it on the fire. On the bottom of the pan lay a clean linen towel (although some Housewives do without it). If your oven heats slowly, you can boil water in the kettle and then pour it in the pan.
When the water is boiling, reduce heat. In a pan put the dishes or the smaller saucepan with the product that you want to heat in a water bath. The smaller second pot, the better. It should not come into contact with the lower vessel, wherein the boiling water. Will be optimal, if the sides of the pan will remain a few centimeters. It is best to use two pans, while the top rested on the handles at the bottom. So their walls are not in contact.
Periodically stirring the food, bring it to the desired temperature. Ensure that the small pot is not exposed to water – it can ruin the dish. The product in a water bath will be heated evenly, will not stick to the walls of the pot and its temperature will not rise above 100 degrees.