Advice 1: How to make a blindfold

After the release of the film "pirates of the Caribbean" and its sequels one of the most popular costumes at children's parties was the costume of Jack Sparrow, funny and brave pirate. Yes, adult costume party, you can also see a couple of other desperadoes. An essential feature of such suit is a black band across the eyes, to intimidate decorated with the image of the Jolly Roger - skull and crossed bones.
How to make a blindfold
You will need
  • Thick paper,
  • Black soft material – velour, velvet,
  • A rubber band is black leather or black lace
  • Glue, thread, scissors
Measure the width of the eyeunits of your pirate. On paper, draw a straight line equal to the measured value and add 1 or 2 cm depending on the child or adult you are making the dressing. Draw the top arc from the straight line connecting its ends, departing 1-1,5 cm from the middle. Below the straight draw just as well over a convex arc at a distance of 3-4 cm Cut out of paper and it vykroyte two exactly the same parts of the tissue.
How to make <b>headband</b> <strong>eye</strong>
Incise the blank paper in four places, two cuts top and bottom. Glue these undercut the paper, removing 2 mm in each recess to receive the convex form of the bandage, because the eye underneath has to blink freely to pirate any discomfort experienced.
On the pieces of fabric do the same cuts and glue them, holding tightly on the top and bottom surface paper of the workpiece. When the bandage covered with a cloth, dries, carefully trim it along the edge with scissors to make all three layers were cut evenly and not sticking to the skin.
Nail scissors make in a sling hole, and paste the rubber band or leather lace. From white paper cut out a stylized skull and crossbones and stick on a bandage. Very scary?

Advice 2 : How to sew a bandage for sleep

For the full comfort of sleep people need silence and darkness. But if the earplugs can be purchased at any pharmacy, with the patch for sleep more difficult. But this necessary accessory will save your sleep on the road, protect from light of headlights of passing cars, will help not to Wake up in summer at five in the morning together with the sun, at a time like you at work by ten. One solution is to sew the mask to sleep with your hands, the more that you will be able to choose the color and pattern. You can make a few dressings – each under your nightie and mood.
How to sew a bandage for sleep
You will need
  • Two strips of fabric, one fabric should be nice and soft to touch for the inside, the other on your taste), elastic, braid, needles, thread, scissors, beads, pencil, paper.
Take a sheet of paper and draw on it the pattern. To simplify the task you can just contour cut around your sunglasses. Remember that mask for sleep should be wide enough not to slide.
Cut out the resulting pattern and attach to the fabric stretches. Trace the pattern along the contour, do not forget to leave about an inch for seams, and cut now fabric.
So you get blanks for your dressing. Fold pattern side facing inwards and sew, leaving the sides of cuts where you will later insert the elastic.
After the mask is sewn, turn it right side out. Sew the elastic band, keeping in mind that the bandage should not subside in sleep, but gum does not need you to press – so you do not fall asleep.
Now it is time for decorating. Take the panel and taped her bandage. Beads and beads can be embroidered pattern. In General, give full play to your imagination!
Do not take too narrow a band. Better if its width is 2-3 cm.
Useful advice
Review the film "Tomorrow at Tiffany's." Dressing for sleep the main character will give you the incentive to work and ideas for design.
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