The original purpose of the creation of the UEC was to ensure easier access to public services, the ability to save time on personal visits to state institutions, elimination of corruption in obtaining public services. But as you develop the functionality of the universal electronic card has been expanded and today it includes the following features:

  1. ID. UEC should be the equivalent of identity cards.
  2. Payment. The card can be used for payment of gosuslugi, as well as a full featured card to pay for goods in shops.
  3. EDS. UEC can be used as a signature for remote sending of documents. A digital signature allows you to sign important documents remotely, without personal visit to the necessary institution.

UEC as a means of identifying

UEC provides the necessary for obtaining information about government services citizens: full name, date of birth, social security number, insurance etc. With UEC you can register on the portal of public services, the appointment with the doctor, transfer of residential premises into non-residential, to register in the queue for housing, to receive the allowance for child care and other important services. In some regions, the citizens have the option to record in USC history citizen.

UEK as a payment instrument

UEC can be used as a payment instrument using the system PRO100. Using the map you can not only pay for public services, but also to buy goods in shops, to withdraw cash remotely to manage the account. In some regions discounts are available for the UEC. On the map you can get a scholarship, salary, pension etc.

To be able to use UEC as the Bank card you should select the issuing Bank, which will provide the specified functionality. Their list is limited. Information about the issuing Bank can be obtained on the website of "UEC".

UEK as a transport map

UEC can replace the ticket. To activate the transport application. Card to pay the fare in public transport. The cost of one trip is cheaper than traditional payment.

It should be noted that while this card is only available to a limited number of state and banking services. But in the future it is expected that it will be possible to register the marriage, to the birth certificate of the child, choose cable TV operators, etc.

Universal electronic card mandatory?

Many Russians are concerned with the question whether obligatory UEC. No, not mandatory. Moreover, it can be discarded before the end of 2014. But now the card will only be issued on the basis of a personal application and presence of the citizen. It turns out that without a report card is not subject to extradition.

Where to get universal electronic card

The issuing universal electronic card open throughout Russia. Learn about their location on the official website of "UEC" or the specialized regional portals. To apply for the release of the UEC is only possible by personal visit.

Reviews of UEC

According to the reviews about the universal electronic card, in practice the implementation of the project, things are not so rosy as expected.

For example, Tula oblast became the leader, in terms of number of applications on the issue of the UEC. This activity Tulyakov was caused not by the high interest in the possibilities of the card the fact that 2015 has been significantly raised fares, and the right to pay the old prices were only the owners of the UEC. However, in practice it turned out that the transport maps app works intermittently at best. Many were unable to pay the fare using the card. Tula oblast is not the only region where there is problems with the payment with UEC because it does not always read by the validators.

In some regions of unprecedented banking application cards, and payment via PRO100 does not accept every point. To access gosuslugi with UEC necessary to purchase a reader for the card. They are not available everywhere and is still quite expensive (about 1000 rubles). As a means of identifying the card is also accepted everywhere. That is, for many owners, the UEC is still just plastic.