Transport card, which is a tool to pay for public transport in Novosibirsk, can greatly simplify a person's life, regular use of trolleybuses, trams, buses and metro in the city. After all, if paying by card there is no need to look for small change, wait for change or to experience other inconvenience of paying cash fare. In addition, in Novosibirsk by paying the fare of transport card to the user a discount on the value of the rate of 1 ruble.

The single transport card

So the citizens rather actively use the opportunities provided by the transport card. In accordance with the terms of use of cards of ordinary type, which is called single transport card is not registered. So, first, when making the recipient does not require production of documents, and secondly, it can transfer its use to any other person, for example, a friend came to visit.
The process of making the cards is quite simple: you just need to contact with the corresponding requirement in one of the points of issuing cards. These include ticket offices of Novosibirsk subway and special yellow kiosks, referred to as "common transport card", which are typically located at bus stops. Please note that in the same places you can subsequently top up the card. In addition, add funds to the card using payment terminals "Kvartplata", Sberbank ATMs and other methods.
The paragraphs in the issuance of the card is almost instantaneous. Please note that when you purchase your card, you need to pay the cost of the media. In Novosibirsk are going two types of transport cards: the cost of those made of plastic, is 70 rubles, and those which are made of cardboard - 25 rubles. In addition, at the time of registration of the card users usually pay some amount of funds intended to pay the fare, since this card is prepaid.

The design of other types of transport cards

But one, in Novosibirsk there are some other types of transport cards, for example, student card, student card, social security card and other. Their main difference from the single card is that these cards provide more significant benefits in travel, and are therefore nominal. Respectively, for their design would have to provide proof of your eligibility. These cards can be obtained at the service Center users, "MUP Passazhirtranssnab") located at: Novosibirsk, the Red prospectus, 161. Some types of cards can be obtained in the usual points of purchase.