You will need
  • - Bank card Visa Electron;
  • - cash to replenish the account;
  • - the passport.
Find the address of the branch of your Bank. This can be done on the Bank's website, for example, in the section "outlets and ATMs". Enter your city and area of residence, and the system will give you the address, phone number and operating hours of the Department. The address of the nearest office of your Bank you can ask for reference phone which is also listed on the website of your Bank.
It does not matter what branch you opened the account and received the card. You can recharge your account in any of them.
Make money on the Bank account linked to your card. This can be done through the cashier. It is sufficient to present the card or account number and passport.
If at that time when you visited the Bank, the office is closed, use the ATM. To do this, locate an ATM that accepts cash (this information is indicated on the ATM). Then insert ATM card, enter pin, select the option to Deposit money into your account. Stick to the banknote bundle of banknotes, among them should not be badly damaged. After operation do not forget to take your card and receipt.
Some banks provide the service of account replenishment through the payment system Contact. In this case, you will be able to recharge not only in the branch of his Bank, but in other financial institution, using the same payment system.
If your Bank offers online banking, you can perform some operations on the Bank's Internet site. For example, if you have another account in the same Bank and you want to replenish the account to which the card is linked, move the necessary amount from one couple to another. This will get the Bank login and password to access the system and follow the instructions on the website on how to transfer money from account to account.