You will need
  • Your own website and time.
First check what place in the ranking of search engines takes your onlinestore. In our country there are two search engines that are most popular: Yandex and Google. Intelligent, painstaking search engines, with one additional positive quality: on specific request they give out in the first five leading lines of different sites. Type in the search box the name of your Internetshop, and you will see its location.
Now your task is to make sure that your website appears in the first five lines. For this you need to hire the services of website promotion. You can seek the help of a company that professionally provides this service.If you want to do it on their own – start with market research onlinestores your directions.
Like similar sites that are in the first five lines of search queries, let's see what promotion strategy they use, how they have interesting design and a convenient service.
Register your site in directories of search engines. Try to cover as many of these resources.
Regularly post your ads on Bulletin boards, forums and blogs.
Get theme group on sites of popular social networks and make the advertising and newsletters.
Exchange links and banners with the most visited sites, let them be no more than five. In this case, quality over quantity.
Be sure to use an effective form of website promotion – redirektnye links. This special link is always of great benefit.
Then again check the place of your onlinestore ranking in search engines. If you were not lazy and did everything diligently, for sure your site will be moved to the top of the search engines.