You will need
  • The use of recommendations for the creation of advertising your site.
If you aim to attract customers or simply readers to your website, then make sure to have good content. All of the information that will be contained on your websiteshould be unique and not repeated in different sources.
Also, experts suggest to put your website in paid hosting. This will give you the original domain name of the second level, which is much easier to remember than the third level domain.
After the launch of the websiteand, don't forget to add your creation to the panel webmasters popular search engines: Google, Yandex, Mail, Rambler. To dominate in the search engines, you'll need to purchase links on relevant exchanges. This will allow you to increase the index of the TIC and PR, as these are the first lines of the search engines under certain keywords.
To promote your project, use e-mail. Many Internet users think that the mailing is spam. In fact, it is not. For example, on your websitee a course in mastering anything, which is described in detail and recorded on video. Users agree to receive lessons of mastering anything.
You can also use another method of advertising your website. Advertise with the name of your websiteand in the newspaper, on television, on siteAh. This way, you will be able to increase the number of visitors a day to a few times.