You will need
  • brand book, a list of industry and business, media, computer, phone
Develop a brand book, which describe the concept of their company and key products or services that it offers. Don't forget to compile a portrait of the target audience with demographic data and consumer preferences. A similar study can be purchased at major marketing agencies, but it is preferable to develop yourself. Only in this case the consumer niche will be defined as accurately as possible. In addition to these data in a brand-beech should find the display the competitive advantages of your products.
Make a list of the media that enjoys the attention of the target audience. Find a way to make friends with journalists and editors working in these publications. When you develop newsworthy and make them on the basis of press releases, communication with press will be very handy.
From time to time invite journalists to a press conference. To visit your event, organize them correctly. The alignment may be: 10-20 min. - official part, a half-hour - buffet, during which workers of a feather and ether will be able to communicate with each other, they love it very much.
Don't forget to prepare for journalists ' information folder. Usually it is electronic media with a copy of the brand book of the company that is hyping, interviews with its Director and specialists responsible for the main departments. Also an information folder should contain professional photos or other images that would be able to illustrate your newsworthy.
Promote the company through reviews and expert opinions of the owner of the business handed out to the correspondents business, analytical, industry media. Order when writing editorial material or review articles journalists appealed to you about yourself should periodically remind.
Call, ask what materials are planned in the next room. Ask, can there be something useful in terms of information etc. do Not be afraid to seem Intrusive. As one famous American advertiser bill Bernbach, the biggest risk is the risk that go unnoticed.