Create on the website "grounding" page. Potential customers can be compared to hang-gliders flying around the earth and see where you can land. Similarly, people are looking for useful in online. If they do not buy anything in your store, is unlikely to immediately lay out money because they don't trust unfamiliar sites. Create the conditions for planting — let it land and look around. On the special page should be no prices and calls to buy something. Place a subscription form for newsletter subscribers and promise an answer to the question, for example: "What microwave ovens are on the market and how to choose the best?" If store are the different categories of products, you can create a lot of grounding pages to attract interested people.
Organize a continuous flow of potential customers. A separate unit of the company or designated employee shall only deal with the task of attracting new people on the grounding of the page. Because of this base of potential customers will be updated.
Sell something inexpensive and move a buyer to another database. Once a person has subscribed to your newsletter, he will receive a letter with information for the sake of which he left an e-mail. It's a "hot buyer" who needs to help to make the first purchase to show the credibility of the store. Offer a huge discount, which is valid for one day or several days. With this sale the online store to make no profit — the price of acquiring a new customer. Considered job a special Department, which advises newcomers and actively supports feedback. If the client never bought, leave it in the old database — make new offers until you achieve your goal.
Enter the system in additional sales. Every time the buyer makes the order, you should receive a tempting offer to buy something extra and get the second product at a great discount. Such actions will increase the average bill of each customer and the profit of the store will increase.
Gradually expose customers with all store goods. Individual employees must work with a database of regular customers. This base is formed after the third step. Track purchases and offer people something new. Teach via newsletter, what benefits they will receive and how it will change life for the better after the next purchase.