You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - leaflets.
Engaged in active promotion of your online store in the network. Rely on the specificity of the product and the target audience. Among the traditional methods of paid contextual advertising, through which your website appears in the top three rows of query results. For this you need to contact the search engines. No less effective, and search engine optimization (SEO) that you can carry yourself. For this you need to organize the structure of the site and its lexical content, therefore, to match key search engines.
Create groups in popular social networks like Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook. To promote the band you can with the help of professionals that will be based on your target audience, selecting users according to several key criteria. However, the group administration you can study in person. Discuss the essential news and inform the audience about new products, get feedback and respond to complaints. In addition, the group users will be able to speak about abstract topics, and you will get the opportunity to better analyze your audience.
Create a topic on appropriate your realm forums and blogs. In this case you can speak directly on its behalf as owner of the online store. However, valid and the performance of incognito, as a "buyer" of the store, offering to discuss this topic. Keep in mind that you need to act purposefully: the subject of your online resource should be close and interesting forum.
If you are targeting a courier delivery in your city, give ads in the print publication, distribute booklets and leaflets. For example, advertising the online store cosmetics should be presented in local fashion magazines, distribute flyers in beauty salons, cafes, fitness clubs.