Before you unleash the trade mark, it must be created. It is the stage of creation of the brand lays the foundations for its subsequent successful promotion. Start by selecting name, it should sound great and well remembered. The combination of sounds should cause positive emotions. Don't choose the brand for too long or difficult to pronounce name.
Be sure to register your trade mark. If you are planning to have own Internet-resource devoted to your product, don't forget to register a domain name. It is very simple via the Internet. Thus, the cost of domain registration in ru zone does not exceed a few hundred rubles.
To brand think bright sonorous slogan. This is important because pretty catchy slogan encourages people to buy relevant goods. Creating a slogan, aim for a specific target audience for which it is designed, it will significantly increase its effectiveness. The last step in branding is creating a logo. It needs to look good and to be understandable to the target audience.
Having described the work that you have created the Foundation for the successful promotion of the brand. Now you need to start to correctly promote your product on the market. Much here depends on the type of product, but basic principles don't change. There are two main ways of brand promotion: using advertising and public relations. It's two different methods working for a common goal – to capture as much of the market.
Recognize the difference methods. Using advertising, you are praising your product, describe its advantages, and convince the buyer that buying this product is the most correct choice. While advertising your brand does not allow simultaneous criticism of a foreign – buyers really do not like. In the campaign the rule: the massive, the better. You must convey to a potential buyer information about your product in Newspapers, on television, through radio broadcasts. In the case of PR, everything is different.
Promoting your brand with PR, you play the people's interest in rumors, scandals, secrets. For example, you produce some kind of electronic device. Let journalists hearing about what your lab was broken into and unknown attackers tried to steal a prototype of your product. It doesn't matter that it was not really – the essence of PR is not in the truth, and to attract interest. Depending on what product you are going to market, come up with ways to attract interest of potential buyers. It is important to your product we talked, argued that he was at the hearing. It does not have to aim for the hype – let's talking about it not so much, but constantly.
Again, rate differences of methods: advertising Intrusive and noisy, trying to penetrate to the consciousness of the consumer through possible loopholes. The PR exploits the natural interest of man to his scandalous, mysterious, interesting. If the acting is at times repulsive, the PR, in contrast, allows a very subtle and unobtrusive to bring in the consciousness of the consumer the necessary information about your product. After evaluating all the pros and cons of these two methods, you can choose the most suitable option for you and in detail to work out its details.