Advice 1: How to treat thyroid

Problem thyroid became relevant in the last decade. People felt sharply the inferiority of the food that causes the disorder of hormonal causes thyroid dysfunction. Almost all age categories are subjected to these violations, which entail more serious diseases in the form of a goiter.
How to treat thyroid

It is widely believed that dysfunction of the thyroid gland caused by iodine deficiency. Well part of it is, however, although the General hormonal background is much more complicated than just iodine. However, in the prevention of this disease can be used regular application of an iodine mesh on the root of the neck.

The use of prevention, much more rational, however, as a rule, the question of treatment becomes with the advent of the disease. Traditional medicine offers many opportunities to treat the thyroid gland. Below are some highly effective techniques.

The technique first. Treatment is based on the use of Flaxseed oil. Take a spoonful of oil three times a day half an hour before meals. This tool helps even at the stages of development of goiter and allows you to achieve dramatic results.

Technique the second. The treatment is based on the use of the white cinquefoil. This plant is extremely effective in all diseases of the endocrine system. Folk medicine advises to use alcohol tincture of this plant. For the tincture of the rhizome of the plant. Tincture take 20 drops half an hour before meals, three times a day. Therapy should not last more than a month, so it needs to interrupt and if necessary repeat.

Technique third. The treatment is based on the use of Royal jelly, propolis and pollen. All these products of bees contain a number of microelements necessary for normal functioning of the body. In addition, they are absorbed by the human body. About 20 selected products (pollen, propolis, milk) to put under the tongue and hold for about half an hour. Pollen and propolis can chew, jelly in the end, to swallow.

The technique of the fourth. The treatment is based on the use of certain berries and fruits. These include, persimmon, strawberry, feijoa. Fruits are best eaten fresh and the more the better. However, it is best to follow the seasonality of fruits, and not to buy them out of season.

Today there are lots of options to treat thyroid, however, you should pay special attention to your personal perception of those or other substances. Be careful, be well, good luck to you.

Advice 2 : How to treat enlarged thyroid gland

Thyroid enlargement, or hyperplasia, can be caused by a number of reasons. It often develops on the background of any other disease, but may be an independent pathology. Distinguish diffuse, nodular and mixed forms of hyperplasia. As hormonal functions, there is hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and euthyroid.
How to treat enlarged thyroid gland
Diffuse form of enlargement of the thyroid gland is stored as a function of hormones and with the changes, deterioration or improvement. When the normal production of hormones thyroid tissue increases generally compensatory. The reason is a deficiency of iodine in food and water. There are several degrees of hyperplasia, treatment tactics chooses the endocrinologist.
Replacement therapy with hormones was carried out at the hypothyroidism. Apply an analogue of L-thyroxine, dose and courses selected individually.Spend tireotropin hormone stimulation reduced thyroid function.
Hyperthyroidism is prescribed the agents suppressing the production of hormones, or radioactive iodine to suppress the function. In some cases, an excess of thyroid hormones leads to disruption of the functions and development tireotoksicski crises. In severe degrees of hyperthyroidism with the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy, surgical treatment.
Nodal shape threat probability plots of malignancy, i.e. the development of malignant tumors. Conservatively this form is treated while confirming the purity of the node formations and in the case that the size does not exceed 3 cm and does not put pressure on adjacent organs. In the case of increasing the size of the nodes and with the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy is carried out their surgical removal.
With a small enlargement of the thyroid gland, when there is no danger of compression of adjacent organs (trachea, adjacent vessels and nerves) treatment conservative. Add in a diet the products containing iodine, seaweed and cabbage. Ordinary table salt replace with sea. Exclude from use turnips, cauliflower and red cabbage, and mustard. They contain thiocyanates which inhibit the transport of iodine. Hormone therapy if necessary, prescribed by a doctor.
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