1. Inflammation usually develops on the background of any errors in the diet (consumption of salty, fried, smoked, fatty and spicy foods).

2. The abuse of alcohol.

3. Infection, parasites, toxins and mechanical damage of the pancreas.


An important role for a correct statement of the diagnosis and further treatment plays a differential diagnosis with several other diseases. These include: acute cholecystitis, acute appendicitis, peptic ulcer.

Patients suffering from acute pancreatitis, I feel a sharp pain in the left hypochondrium, which is surrounding the character. The General condition is complicated by nausea and repeated vomiting. Often the body temperature rises.

There is often a symptom of Mondor (the appearance of the cyanotic (bluish) spots over the body). Also, there is this symptom Mayo-Robson (sudden occurrence of pain in the projection of tail of pancreas). Yet there is tenderness at the point-Desjardins.

A great diagnostic value in the formulation of this diagnosis is a urine sample to the level of diastase. The content of ketones in the urine is greatly increased.


The treatment is gradual and complex, aimed at the removal of inflammation and prevention of pancreatic necrosis (death of the pancreas). In large doses, patients are prescribed anti-inflammatory agents, antispasmodics and antibiotics.

A huge role in the treatment of pancreatitis play enzymatic tools to facilitate digestion. Often prescribed various anti-nausea drugs, vitamins and immunostimulating drug. Conduct detoxication therapy. Plays a huge role with diet, which excluded spicy and fatty meals.

If you experience symptoms of acute pancreatitis you should not self-medicate, you should immediately consult a doctor or call an ambulance.

Remember, the sooner experts will handle your treatment, the sooner you overcome this disease.

One should not underestimate the pancreatitis, because this disease can carry a number of serious consequences that threaten life.