You will need
  • - the pruner;
  • garden var.
Pay special attention to correct and timely pruning Jasmine. It is no secret to owners of such plants that are vigorous varieties chubushnika different uneven growth and one-sided configuration. To give the Bush a beautiful symmetrical form should be using formative pruning. In early spring cut with pruning shears are the strongest and long branches, thus you stimulate the active growth of annual shoots and in one season will balance the shape of Jasmine.
Once in two or three years, it is recommended to remove the old shoots of the plant. Leave only those branches that are younger than ten years. Such rejuvenation of the crown of the shrub leads to strong growth and abundant flowering Jasmine.
Sooner or later, chubushnika much savusauna and naked shoots, that is not the best way affect the decorativeness of the shrubs. Dense bushes will be sure to put rejuvenating pruning. With the arrival of early spring, shorten the three to four trunk thirty to forty centimeters. All other branches will scratch at the soil level. Sections treat the garden pitch.
Tree trunks circles Jasmine multiroute compost. Throughout the growing period, fertilize several times a Bush mullein infusion and regular watering. With the arrival of autumn from dormant buds will grow strong shoots. Next spring remove almost all shoots, cutting off the ring. Leave it on each stump of Jasmine, only two or three of the strongest shoots. In the future they will be the basis for a new hive. A year later, the mock orange will become indescribably attractive, and in three years will begin to bloom profusely.
In addition to anti-aging and formative pruning to produce sanitary pruning, timely removal of withered blossoms and the periodic thinning of the shoots. For most varieties of Jasmine shelter for the winter is not required, some species require sheltered from the sun location.