Chubushnik Lemoine is a popular and the most commonly cultivated species, at many domestic and foreign varieties with simple or double flowers.

The sort of "Charm" has a low shrub to 1m, flowers extremely double, white with a very light delicate flavor.
The sort of "White bouquet" - one of the most beautiful varieties of domestic selection, low shrub, the blossoms consist of five very Terry flowers of the whitest color with a strong aroma.
The sort of "Moonlight" with a height of 70cm with plush cream-greenish flowers about 3.5 cm in diameter , which have a very subtle strawberry flavor.
The sort of "Dame Blanche" with large, up to 4cm in diameter, double flowers of white color. The flowers, gathered in the brush, have a pleasant smell. Tall plant of about 1m, crown expands in width up to 1.5 m. the Peculiarity of the brand is a change in autumn green foliage in Golden.
The sort of "Erectus" - tall plant, до2м, with large leaves that change color in the fall to yellow. Blooms in June, simple, very fragrant flowers of medium size.
The cultivar "Mont Blanc" extremely decorative variety with semi-double is white, delicately folded flowers with fragrance. During abundant flowering not seen leaves. The variety is tall, about 1.8 m long flowering 30-40 days.
The variety "Glacier" with strong erect branches, up to 1.5 m tall, with very gustomahrovye, large (4.5 cm) and fragrant flowers with up to 20 petals. Flowering lasts little more than a month. The downside is that the petals after flowering do not fall and to dry on the bushes. The plant has "cleaned" to remove shears inflorescences.
The sort of "Academician Komarov", a plant of medium size (1.3 m) with spreading branches. The shrub during the month, enjoy a beautiful snowy white, very large, up to 6.5 cm in diameter, semi-double, lightly scented flowers.
Sort of "Air assault" has a special drooping form flowers, similar to a parachute. Depending on the growth conditions, the Bush height can be from 1.5 m to 2.5 m. Blooms abundantly simple white and cream flowers with a strong smell of strawberries. Its elegant blooming plant saves about 25 days.
The sort of "Naturalists" with a special extra long petals inside the flower. The Bush is a neat, compact, not tall, to 1.2 m Flowering plentiful for about a month. The flowers are pure white in color, large, about 4.5 cm, terrycloth and smelled of fresh strawberries.