You will need
  • Seeds, shovel, straw, branches, a pouch made of a rare fabric, peat moss.
After you have bought the seeds, place them in a tightly closed glass jar or sealed plastic bag and put them in storage in a cool place.
Autumn ridge pre-prepare where you will plant the Jasmine. Take a shovel and dig a small pit under a planned landing. Consider the fact that the seeds Jasmine should be planted to a depth of 25-30 cm, including snow cover.
Shortly before sowing, take your seeds of Jasmine, place them in a pouch made of a rare fabric and within one to two hours steep them in water at room temperature. After that, cover the seeds with moss or prikolice in moist peat and do not touch for a few days.
After three days, remove the seeds and drain again. Now, they can be planted in the ground.
Choose a windless day in late winter, when the temperature is not below -10, and proceed to landing. After you have dropped the seeds on a position for them, cover the ridge with straw and twigs.
In the spring, carefully remove the coating and make the young sprouts are protected from direct sun. Then Jasmine will be fine without your help.