You will need
  • - sharpened shears;
  • - garden options;
  • outdoor knife.
After the melting of snow in the area, while the buds on the gooseberry bushes and currants have not gone into growth, begin pruning plants. Prepare garden tool that you will need for the job.
Shoots of the shrub should be cut at the base, almost at ground level. Do not leave stumps, they may give low-yield shoots that you may not need. They can also become breeding grounds for mold, which will damage the entire plant.
Don't do oblique slices, surface damage should be minimal. The pruner hold the cutting side to the stump, so you will achieve a smoother cut. The injured surface with a diameter greater than one centimeter zamazhte garden pitch.
When pruning your task is the formation of fruiting healthy Bush. If this work is not done, the plant in a few years will grow fruitful branches will lack power and light. These adverse conditions can lead to the development of diseases.
Mark dead and broken branches. The bark on them will be wrinkled, kidney no, wood is not flexible, but brittle. These branches will delete immediately. A nice Bush of black currant has 15-20 branches. To do this, each young growth choose 5-6 of the strongest shoots, they should be located symmetrically.
Without regret pendulous crop lying on the ground branch, growing inside the Bush shoots. Remove old shoots, you recognize them by their dark bark and short growth.
Burn everything you cut off, as it is old and diseased branches plant pests. Do not leave the fire unattended, before leaving, extinguish the fire and coals pricopie the ground.
As soon as the soil is ready for processing, produce loosening the trunks and enrich the ground of nitrogen and complex fertilizers. This will allow you to harvest delicious berries.