Transplantation and substrate

For transplanting young plants need a pot the size of a few centimeters more than the previous. If you are going to transplant the old instance of Gardenia, there is no need to take new capacity, the plant should be planted in the same pot, replacing all the substrate. When choosing a container keep in mind that gardenias do not need a pot too large, spacious capacity, it will simply cease to bloom.

Remove the flower from the old pot with a lump of earth. Gently shake it out and rinse the roots under running water. In the adult plant prune them by 1/3, lightly sprinkle the slices powdered activated carbon.

For planting Gardenia needs acidic soil. You can use ready soil for azaleas, but it is best to make the soil mix yourself. The most ideal substrate for planting gardenias is a mixture of sod soil, pine land, coarse sand and peat. Take all ingredients in equal parts and mix. For greater water permeability and ease can be added to the substrate ground sphagnum moss.

On the bottom of the prepared pot, pour a layer of drainage. This can be expanded clay or coarse sand. Then pour the substrate on 2/3 of the volume of the container moisten it. Place the plant gently spread the roots and cover with soil. The surface is slightly condense and moisten.


For watering gardenias, use a mild water at room temperature. It should be boiled and then let stand for 2-3 days. At each watering, add water a few drops of fresh lemon juice. This will help to maintain the necessary level of acidity of the soil. In summer the plant needs abundant watering as it dries the top layer of the substrate in the pot, in the winter the procedure should be reduced.


Feeding to do every 2 weeks during active growth since March. For this approach any complex fertilizers for flowering plants. After pruning and pinching Bush, pour it in a weak solution of organic fertilizer. About once a year remove the top layer of soil and add new substrate. This technique will help to prevent the salinity of the soil, which leads to the death of the plant.

The conditions of detention of Gardenia

Gardenia is very responsive to conditions of detention. She needs a bright spot, but she does not like direct sunlight. It is desirable that in summer the temperature does not exceed +25-26oC and in winter does not fall below +16.

When the plant attains the color you can not turn the pot. Otherwise, the Gardenia will reset all the buds and re-bloom may not occur.

If the sill is located under the battery of Central heating, put in a tray of expanded clay, moisten it and place the top pot with Gardenia. If the windowsill is cold, place a container with a flower on a wooden or Styrofoam base.